Are you elegible to have £300+ put back in your pocket??

The ConsumerWatch UK exclusive Save on Energy Scheme is now 



 The Save on Energy Programme is operated and managed exclusively by ConsumerWatch UK. Save on Energy is a service offered FREE of CHARGE to households across Scotland, England and Wales. The service is available to all tenants, homeowners and bill payers  responsible for gas and electricity payments. 

ConsumerWatch UK make a check to see if households are eligible to make substantial savings on monthly energy bills and our Energy Advisers are authorised to sort it out over the phone.

And the best part...the service costs you nothing!

The ConsumerWatch UK 'Save on Energy' Scheme

We find out if you are overpaying on energy


and its a free service

We can also fix it if you are overpaying


and that is free also

There is no obligation


Its up to you if you want our help, it never costs you

What we do

Help householders save money

ConsumerWatch UK is an organisation set up to cut your monthly bills. More than half of all households are so busy they can't focus enough time on shopping around for better deals on monthly bills like gas and electricity. ConsumerWatch UK takes the hassle out of it, identifies savings you can make and sorts it all out over the phone in minutes.

We are independent energy advisers

We are not owned by any energy company and are an independent agency.   A number of energy companies participate in the Save on Energy programme, but not all companies are invited or apply to join. The energy companies that participate and offer better deals pay for the Save on Energy programme through a small commission that pays for the costs of the service. So it is free to you the householder!

We don't invite all energy companies to participate

The energy companies that participate change from time to time, but they are invited to join the programme only if they have competitive tariffs to offer and they have a good track record on customer service. Otherwise, they  don't qualify for participation.