Save on Energy is now launched across Great Britain

What is Save on Energy?

The Save on Energy Programme is a service offered FREE of CHARGE to householders where ConsumerWatch UK offer to check if you are paying more than you need to for gas and electricity. More than half of all households are paying more than they need to and many are paying £hundreds a year more than they should. ConsumerWatch UK are able to check over the phone to see if there are savings you could enjoy from the energy companies that participate in the Save on Energy scheme. Not every energy company has applied or been invited to join the scheme. The energy companies that do participate are keen to offer great deals and can provide offers that are exclusive to the Save on Energy programme . If ConsumerWatch UK are able to find you better deals then it is your choice whether or not you want us to help you switch to a better deal. There is still NO charge for you and we will help you through the process over the phone as ConsumerWatch UK has authority to do that for you.

ConsumerWatch UK is running the Save on Energy programme for a limited period of time so if you are interested in taking advantage of the free service, register now and one of our Energy Advisors will call you back